S288. I recognize you


It started three years ago, at the first meeting there was already a click. He married, three children, I a daughter and a relationship. The feelings were expressed for the first time around Christmas last year. Full of love and love, we both said; I recognize you. We kissed a few times, it didn’t get any further. We are colleagues and they started to notice something. After a month he indicated that we could no longer send text messages and had to take some distance.

My relationship was over now, he is still married. We did business in the workplace for months. I was torn inside and still. He showed little. I have since met someone, but I continue to feel that eternal sorrow. I try to accept that I will not find the feeling of unconditional love and recognition in someone else.
But I am still sad. He, on the other hand, seems to handle it much better. He was also happy for me that I had met someone.
The contact is now business and friendly. We both look for other people in the workplace.

I just don’t know if I will keep this up. Despite the very nice new love, my heart remains with my twinflame. I love him, I don’t want to be without him, I want to belong to him. And he keeps a nice distance. I don’t know what’s going on in his head anymore. I’m looking for some sort of confirmation if he still feels it.

Do I have to talk to him about this? Do I have to open it again? Or opt for the collegial way and continue to play a role?
I am torn by fear, pain and sorrow. Another job or transfer I have already thought of, but in these times as a single mother a big risk. And I believe it won’t go away, although it will be out of my sight. We now see each other every day.

HELP, what should I do? How can I make the situation bearable?