S215. Now I have experienced what true love is


I have now experienced what true love is

I discovered my soul love about 20 years ago on a vacation. The click was so intense that it was indescribable back then, we were both fifteen and did not know what happened to us. We only saw each other on the weekends and our hearts always broke when the other went home. an hour on the train was an hour of crying until you got home and could hang on the phone to hear each other. The soul love was very strong from both sides.

The experience was so intense that it could not be from this earth. We always wanted to be together, talk, laugh, cry, touch. If only it were together.
It was a love affair that lasted only a year and a half. Then it ended in which we both had a hard time.

I was married about 5 years later to a lovely woman but knew that there was only one person in the world who could make me very happy, it is said, but my wife was second choice. I’ve had great times with my wife too, but the lack of my soulmate has always remained.

The obstacles in the relationship with my wife are the ones we all encounter in a marriage, actually not really super interesting because you have chosen that woman and you learn to deal with it. Yes you will change yourself in relation to your feeling what you have. To make something of it.

My soulmate is married and has a difficult relationship, partly because he said he can’t be himself. I am married and experience exactly the same. Must always adjust my feeling to the way the world wants it to be. So it is totally unsatisfactory for both.

The soul love has hurt me a lot because of the lack. The good thing about it is that I have now experienced what true love is and that I have had to walk the path with my current wife to take me to a point where I am now.

For me it was the most special thing that we have now found each other again after about 17 years and the feeling at first glance was exactly the same as the feeling we always had. We tried to say a lot about our lives the first time, but that wasn’t really necessary because we knew each other through and through while we hadn’t seen each other for seventeen years. The attraction was so fierce on both sides that it is hard to resist. We heard from each other that we had been following each other over the years through the internet, who does what are her interests without talking to each other, because we both have a relationship.

Eroticism has definitely been there again. although we should be wise not to do it, that is not an option because the attraction is so intense that it simply cannot be otherwise. If we have eroticism it is as if the sky is opening and giving everything it has. So intense so delicious so nice. No, never experienced that in a different relationship. This cannot be described and that is what we keep saying to each other. It is out of this world . It is as if we are really melting away completely and the feeling is trying to get bigger. Too scary for words just because I’m not like that (I thought).

The soul love feeling cannot be described with words, it will try. Heavenly, overwhelming, incomprehensible, too big to be of this world. There must be something more. It is as if we were just cut from the same material and have been separated and now fit together completely like a puzzle.

I think many people do not understand the feeling we have together, purely ignorance. The experience I have with my soulmate is so great that I will do anything to make her happy, but apparently that is not difficult because all we have to do is be together. And that will of course entail obstacles, but this is just so great that it is impossible to resist.

My tip: Never go looking for your soulmate, if there is one that comes naturally and you know by the feeling what you have that it really is.
never try to get that soulmate out of your mind because that will cause you a lot of pain. and b: it won’t even work. Maybe for a month, but then you will fall back in the loss.