S206. My wounds came up because of his love


We discovered each other via the internet. I had written a call intuitively to my true, yet unknown, love. He turned out to be completely overwhelmed and constantly carry my internet call with him and make all his friends crazy (with his feelings and what I did with him). We came together and it immediately became a joyride. I was warned to take it easy by a paranormal friend of mine, but no. Within half a year I was pregnant and we were faced with choices. We were not ready for it … We were in a downward spiral of fear and negativity. After 4 years we broke up, both of us completely lost ourselves. We did not see the confrontations with ourselves and I resolutely ended it. I had to find myself first, I am the mother of two children and I was only a shadow of myself. 1 A look from him and I was nothing at all anymore. Incredibly many aches and pains on both sides

The attraction of us to each other would bring a half-dead to life.

What it has brought me is that many old pains have been resolved. I blamed him for my wounds, until I realized that it was MY wounds that came up because of love. Tonight I told him this, he understands everything and it is exactly the same for him.

The most special thing for me was that our intimacy was always new and wonderful, but the best thing is the birth of our son Lorenzo. Indescribably, we did it together (the birth), in love, while I had a very unpleasant experience with my first child (giving birth for 28 hours). He (my soulmate) was completely there for me and not a second from my side. But yes, Lorenzo’s conception was also amazing. God had a share in it … I knew I was ovulating, etc., but I couldn’t stand the energies that took over. (Sorry for my frankness, but that’s just the way it is.)

Our eroticism was completely and indescribable. I am not starting to try it because it is impossible to describe and it would be so short that I did not even try … Really not to describe …

I will always love him, I hated him in pain, I died when I thought he did not love me as much, I became mad when I thought of a life without him, I could not compete with him because I could not specify boundaries and now I understand that I fought against myself for the most part … I love Mario as I will never be able to describe, with every cell, with every aura and with the entire universe, and maybe you will come close …

The relationship ended because I had to come back to myself. We are coming together again. We tried that before and I wasn’t ready. Now I can wait for him. Now I am calm. I stay with myself and he can know that now. He can do his things and I will NEVER be unfaithful to myself … But we come together, I saw it tonight and he still needs time. But the flames break out and we’ll be together again … I’m going to be very strong in myself and then he can hold on to me until he is strong enough to trust himself.

If you come across your soul love then you will encounter your own wounds … Be prepared … we went through multiple hells … both and our children partly as well (my oldest son still calls Mario dad, they are our children and the oldest has 2 dads)

My tips: When you meet your twinflame, let go of everything except yourself … Assume that you have to get to yourself, otherwise it will not go well. Does the other person hurt you? He / she mirrors your wound … turn to yourself, seek help and expose the wound and heal …
Talk, keep talking … Stay in your own energy and really communicate! Take your time, try lowering it. I know, the emotions cannot be described, try to take rest and time … And if you break up with each other … feel … We broke up (first almost and then “definitively”). I have recovered myself, now take responsibility for my wounds and accept how much pain he has suffered from my “quit”. He has gone through hell, feels amputated etc. But he still loves me undiminished and I am honest with myself; I couldn’t continue then; I had to find myself, but that does not make it easy for him because he did not want to stop !!! Respect !!! respect that the other is sometimes 180 degrees opposite … We have fallen into the trap of pushing and pulling; awful … I hope you realize what happens to you sooner. I only now know (since two days) that it concerns twinflames because I did not believe in it. But I still love Mario as from day 1 and it has only become fuller and more mature … And it will never decrease, only increase. Tell each other everything, even if the other person reacts strangely, BE YOURSELF !!!!!!