S203. I finally found myself


I bumped into her and immediately had the feeling that she would play an important role in my life. I told my husband this too. I recognized her, while I had never seen her.

It took a few years before our contact became close. I had to deal with her every day, my daughter was in her class! Yet at a difficult moment I felt that she was the only one I could trust. All the while she was in my head, a magnetic force went and goes from her.

In the beginning it was aloof, but I just started following my heart and became more open. I often feel that I am overflowing with love for her and then text it. She is super closed, but much preferred and more open lately. she also shows that she likes me around her. People in our environment often also understand and even ask about it, to me, she is too closed to others. I am often worried about her, but she also takes care of me, I feel at home when I am with her, and when I look into her eyes I just get scared of what I see. I can not explain.

My partner had a hard time with it at first, during quarrels I was always told that I was a lesbian and had to live with her. He now also understands that it is not just love or friendship and that I have something with her that cannot be compared to any friendship whatsoever.

I have often tried to distance myself from her. Because I didn’t think it was healthy to think about her so often, I even received signals from her in my dreams. But I also want to be around her (it really is magnetic). we have often had a sort of quarrel. she can come so cold from the corner that tears come to my eyes. And when I go back, I think right; oh how I love you.

A love affair will not go and although I have to touch her. And when we walk hand in hand (happened twice) I feel so happy, the same when we dance close together, I can’t describe it, it feels so good but it also hurts, feelings like miss, homesickness , having finally found myself and the intense love, it sometimes gets too much for me.

We see each other a lot, share a lot with each other, I am the open book, she shows in other ways that she loves me. however, we have never mentioned soul love. I do not dare. Although she is quite spiritual, it turned out recently.

What soul love has brought me is unconditional love. I have changed, started to believe more in myself, become more certain.

The soul love feeling cannot be described. deep unconditional love, connectedness, magnetic power, telepathic connectedness.