S184. Soul love gives my life so much more color


On the internet, and we immediately realized that there was something very special.
However, it cannot be captured in words, it was just there, doing things at the same time, for example, simultaneously without knowing it.
Knowing how the other feels, despite the great distance. There are many examples.
My partner took it well and took it very well.
My soul love I have a deep love, friendship and respect and yes we are very satisfied ..
Sometimes there is some confusion, precisely because of what we all feel for each other.
A love affair that we want together deep within our soul plays this also, but I am married, so no that is not yet an issue.
Soul love gives my life so much more color.
Everything is special! Sharing things together, even if it is at a distance.
The feeling is heavenly beautiful.
My tip is; Go for it if you come across something like this in your life!