S170. I have to learn to talk to several people just to show my emotions


We just met on the street, in the neighborhood where I came to live I always walked with the dogs. We then both had a certain click.
I never told my partner, but at some point my own relationship broke down and that was not because of my soul love.
I experienced it as a very beautiful attraction that cannot be described. recognition and a feeling of coming home .
We are attracted to each other both mentally and physically but have no relationship.
He is still married and cannot take any steps yet.
We treat each other in a friendly way and the strange thing is that we meet each other if one of us has two problems or if we think I should forget the other.

What has brought me is that there is someone who can come to my emotions without having to say a word. and that I may also show them he understands me without words and that I have to teach this to several people just to show my emotions.

What I find most special is just being together to feel the energy of each other and when you touch each other to feel the shivers from head to toe.
Eroticism: yes you know what the other person likes and you reach a level that you have never experienced before.
Soul love for me feels like deep, intense, coming home and if we never got a relationship he will always be deep inside.
We have no relationship but we miss him every day

My tip: follow your feelings if you want to keep in touch until the person is ready, but live and enjoy in the meantime, so you develop your own and you will certainly not miss any other opportunities