S150. I can handle the whole world if I have to


We meet each other at a difficult moment for both of us, where the emotions were completely on the surface, the already good conversations were suddenly taken to a higher level, and we both discovered that soulmateship described our feelings better than just friendship.
My partner had just died. We haven’t told my soulmate’s partner. Because how can you understand this if you do not experience it yourself?
I have soul love revaren as a feeling of never being alone no matter what happens. All inclusive and never out of your mind.
We have no desire for love; that is not possible in the circumstances. It is not necessary either, this is sufficient, it is good that way.
My soulmate makes me complete. I can handle the whole world if I have to. Sadness and beautiful moments can be shared. And I can give as much as I get.
The most special thing for me is the knowledge that there is someone who understands everything and to whom you can put everything, no matter what. The soul love feeling is totally overwhelming.

My Tip: Don’t make it too difficult. Find a way to fit this into your already existing life. All too often I read on this site that people are completely sad because they have turned their lives upside down and either lose their marriage or can no longer see their soulmate. This is not necessary with true soulmatehip, because it does not claim or demand