S112. Who is he and who am I? Where is the border?


He walked into my life at his leisure … and in one second everything was different, turned upside down. It was the most beautiful and intensive moment of my life until then. After that meeting I felt the life energy flowing through my whole body. I had never felt that way before. It was a kind of awakening and I thought: ‘this is real life, ah, that’s how life feels’I was like, “FINALLY, it happened. I’ve been waiting for this all this time. ” Although I did not know that I had been waiting for that. I was 30 at the time, now 40. Last year it suddenly turned out that I had actually seen him in my childhood. I had already seen him on TV in a kind of moment where everything is clear, everything: the whole, life etc. a very clear moment, and that memory has come back, very clear when I read the first page of the book ‘Twin Souls “with the sentence:” He is more myself than I am. ” As a child, at the time, I had that feeling. “His soul is my soul.”

My husband said, “That’s someone you (people) could fall in love with.” I thought that was a strange reaction, I remember. I beamed the following weeks … that first meeting continued. As for my husband, the first years were ok, now he is taking more distance, because he feels that we share something that cannot be captured in words. FOR ALL CLEARITY: I HAVE NEVER BEEN IN LOVED ON HIM – IT WAS CLOSED – IT WAS IMMEDIATELY SOUL LOVE. I never wanted to enter into a relationship with him. He was and is so close to me that a relationship is not necessary. I don’t need a relationship with him, he takes care of me in a way.

I dealt with him in a more or less normal way for 7 years. He had a very special place in my heart and I was in regular contact with him. I was always happy when I had seen or heard him, but there were always other feelings too, soul sorrow, soul pain expressed in physical heart pain. After 7 years I had a clear dream. This is the second part of the story. I danced with him in that dream and our souls merged. The months, years after, I was terribly confused in my thinking and feeling, with recurring fears that he would die, that I would die. II saw things that I didn’t see before, such as images of animals on the wall. I saw and felt everything differently, clearer, better. I had access to higher information that I didn’t have before. I just had to make the connection spiritually.I was in contact with the deceased. And I knew things about people I couldn’t know. My paranormal capacity was enormously increased in a short time. It was a very difficult period, lonely too, with a lot of doubts about myself. ‘What is this all about? This is beyond my understanding. ” And all because of him, just because of him, I sometimes felt him IN my body. I could hardly talk about it with anyone, I was scared, very scared, also scared of him. Now, 3 years later, I have known him for 10 years now … I can talk about it with him and some people, but there is still much to be said. And that will happen, I know, when the time is right.

We were friends, but suddenly I no longer knew what my relationship was with him, what my place was towards him. I was completely disoriented, lost my head and confused. Now, in recent months, I am continuing to work on myself, on my soul healing and I am concentrating on what brings peace, what is good, what is important. And I no longer push things aside that I love. I continue to do those things that make my soul whole and that feel good. I follow my path of soul.

Obstacles: my fears, my relationship: I no longer know what love is. I thought I loved my husband, but now I don’t remember. The love with him goes so much deeper, even though I have no relationship with him. He made me a wife and a mother.

I do not long for a love relationship with my soul love. It doesn’t have to be for me. I don’t think so either. Our worlds are also so different: we even differ in color.

The relationship is satisfactory now. I have peace with it. But I would like to close a certain period in my life in the near future, by telling ALL my experiences to him in a long-lasting conversation. It doesn’t matter what his reaction is. It is up to him that I can tell, it is about him and me. Who is he and who am I? Where is the border?

Soul love has brought me real love, the connection of heaven with the earth and the insight of my life purpose here in this life.
What I find most special about soul love is the almost physical feeling of him with me, that is wonderful.

Soul love is the most beautiful thing there is, but oh so difficult. Things are coming loose that you have to work on. There is a task waiting for you, after meeting your twinflame. And you must dare to see that.

My tip: let it take some time. It is all so intensive. In the first place you have to grow further. That is only possible with peace and quiet in your heart.