S099. What soul love has brought me is knowing what true love and trust is


During my divorce, two special souls came to my path, very special one where I felt he came to fetch me and was a sort of copy of the other. Love came to me that was unknown to me and it was intense and a lot happened.
I felt it was from a different life, I didn’t even know it existed, but I felt it; I know you and the love was so strong and my ex was super jealous and even became violent towards me. We were very shocked. Everyone seemed to object to this. we went together to that other soul who helped us where we love so much together. Also felt and what I did not dare to acknowledge that that was bad.

With the soulmate I went deeper into it, and I came across myself. Had thresholds about what I was terrified of, he stood next to me and pulled me through it with the children, only he did not want to know anything about this to the outside world. It was judged that way and he was afraid of it. I had no choice and had to go through everything reluctantly, had no choice in this. And he had no strength for this, so it was afterwards my own strength and love that I really leaned on. The other soul was at a distance in my neighborhood and my love for him was more equal. In the meantime I had learned to love others and to see their powerlessness and abuse. And so didn’t really have anything in return for myself,

The moment I felt that no one could really be trusted and had met many lightworkers and that my faith was also on top of collapse, after working very hard back to love, this over a period of seven years now, came in the other soul with me the evening. Not the person, I had learned that difference, I was upstairs and not on earth. I was so in love and so confident with this person, we collapsed and all the gaps were filled, just when I was taking a shower, I told him I missed it so much and all the empty pieces were filled again and I was full of love again , he said that I did not belong to the people of cold who had been in my life, it felt like Jesus was speaking through him and that I was like that to Him and that love. I have been impressed for months.

An obstacle was that my soulmate has always dived into his work. He was ill at ease with all the spiritual things and didn’t want to touch it. He has always been on site to keep the bond between me and the children well because their father was violent towards me. He was also a bridge to my family, also for the children with me he did not really dare because I am thirteen years older and was afraid of the judgments in his immediate environment so closed himself off for this.

Our love relationship was; not yes not. He still had a lot to learn and knows about the fusion with the other and because we all have a lot of respect for the other, everything is open and no one dependent and the souls indicate how or what. And we trust that. There is no more ‘must’ or sadness, but there is a lot of love and respect until it is clear what the deeper will indicate. In every direction.

We are friends and with the other, the twinflame I feel a lot of love and desire but there is no pain and only God knows where to go and I have peace with that. God’s will be done and in the meantime I enjoy everything because I find it all so beautiful and so special

What soul love has brought me is knowing what true love and trust is and that is what is, and not what you want to turn with your head but what your heart indicates what is real, whether you like it or not, too bad. And then life is super.
With the other people, relationships passed and these became strong and remained truly jealous

In eroticism with the soulmate the sparks flew off, really light and had never experienced this, with whom I am fused it is spiritually, but there are no words for it and things can remain untouched for ugliness.

Soul love gives me the feeling of being rich. Rich. And I feel super happy and satisfied. Deep and deep and no words are needed

I feel that I will always have a relationship with these two. But not to have and it is completely free and totally love from top to bottom !!!