S067. Soul love is just as beautiful as it is confronting


Soul love is just as beautiful as it is confronting. My experience is to be attracted like magnets and to be very close to each other. Touching and sharing feelings is (still) a step too far. I find communication – articulating – an almost impossible task. In fact, the channel is open and the energy flows back and forth.Appointments with others, rules in dealing, taking into account, lay a layer over it that has a suffocating effect. In the contact I do not notice a word to be taken, sometimes frightened of my spontaneous statements. I don’t do them to hurt, but to get attention. To get in touch. It feels good to be able to express positive and ‘negative’. That gives purity. And let no misunderstanding arise. Silence and feeling so intense I find difficult. Even the confusion about what this deep feeling may mean. No falling in love and what is? If I don’t know, how does the other person understand me?With every collision – no matter how small – I am deeply affected. Confusion then strikes. I see the challenge of only being able to control my own feelings and attitude and want to see myself apart from the other. In essence, I feel that the contact is profound. Unexpectedly there is always a special moment between us. Giving and receiving that security is something I don’t want to miss.