S065. My soul love made me understand who I am and how I feel about life


I met her at school and it clicked pretty quickly. In fact, I only realized six months later, after reading about it, that I met my soulmate . We called each other ‘soulmates’ because we felt that we had met before. I don’t know if she also has that soul love feeling, but I suspect so.
We both had a relationship with someone else at that time. Our meeting opened our eyes and we saw that we were not happy . I never told my partner at the time, she certainly would not have understood. She also failed to meet her ex-partner for the same reason.
It was a strange experience,I wondered if I was in love and if so, why did it feel different than before. it was very intense as a deep love.I also always had the idea that we could (still) learn a lot from each other. I felt so at ease with her, not at all nervous or something, more like it just had to be that way. we could talk for hours and she radiated an enormous attraction to me. I remember the first time I heard her voice, it seemed enchanting, hypnotic .. and then her eyes, two twinkles so speaking and warm. everything about her is so terribly attractive, her way of walking, how she talks to others. during that time we had a lot of contact by phone and by text message. sometimes I sent a message and then she wrote back that she was just thinking the same thing. She once said that it seemed as if she could feel my sorrow, but of course that could also be her own sorrow.

Yet there were also many problems due to the relationships in which we were (then). At a given moment she took a distance. “That went without saying,” she told me, but there was no other way. We still had a lot to deal with from our old relationships. Although we don’t see or speak to each other much, I still feel the same to her as I have always done. That is also the reason why I was able to let go of her despite the fact that I have had a lot of grief and sometimes still have it. The pain is so intense that it hurt my body. especially in my arms and in my heart.

We had a love / friendship relationship in which mainly our then relationships kept us back. We were both trying to end those relationships in an honest way for us. In the beginning there was a love affair, but not anymore. she literally ‘blocked’ it because so much had to be processed regarding the relationships with our ex-partners.
We currently have a friendly relationship. as I wrote, we no longer see and speak to each other so much. yet we know from each other that we care very much about each other, that we would never intentionally hurt each other and that we will always be there for each other.

The encounter with my soul love made me understand who I am and how I feel about life. I was literally lost, I no longer recognized myself and had no purpose in life. because of her I have become much more aware of all the beautiful things around me. I can think positively and I have become a more complete person. I am therefore very grateful that I got to know her.
The most special thing was the feeling of love that is unconditional. No compromises, no duel … it’s the way it is and that’s good.
For me, eroticism wasn’t an issue (which doesn’t mean I didn’t think about it), being together and feeling her energy already gave me so much satisfaction. nevertheless we went a little further, but that was much too short.
Soul love feels like there are no longer any blockages, especially in the spiritual area it is a feeling of sharing. you love someone so much, it is unconditional and you know that everything will be all right in the end, no matter how hopeless a situation may seem.

I don’t think I could have such a relationship again, it was too special for that, but I don’t have to. Every person is different and this was something between her and me, that just belongs to us. I’m not looking for someone else at all. I could not really be alone before, so I stepped into the next relationship. now I can manage on my own and that is good.
My tip; try to see setbacks as a challenge and see the positive in that.