S055. This unconditional love has given me wings and courage


In 2000 I worked at an office at Schiphol Center. The European Championship 2000 was in progress. My brothers asked for the signature of a certain football player, who was staying with his team in a nearest hotel. I went there and did not know who I would see. The hotel staff were under the assumption that I was his girlfriend. I waited and finally he came down. We got to know each other and when we looked into each other’s eyes the time seemed to have disappeared, we already knew each other that was clear, but how could that be? His colleague who was there saw that he took a picture of us, and the person in question took a picture of his colleague with me. We said goodbye and we were both confused. I left but felt that I had found a home that I could not describe. We were both in a relationship. I did nothing for a year and a half until my partner at the time offered to travel to him. We saw each other and it was fantastic, only we could not do anything he was just like me in a relationship. This lasted five years, I felt him at any time if he was happy or not. I could not turn it off. Then we met again in September 2004 in the Netherlands. Then I decided that it should be over, because no matter how much I wanted to be with him, my friend set her sail and she was naturally close to him, unlike my two-hour flight away from him. Last year I was offered a job in his home country. I let him know in March. The job interview was 10 June. I had suggested meeting him. No response. On leaving for the Netherlands I was told that he had given notice of his intention to marry shortly after he received my message and that he was secretly married on 12 June. I was devastated, but love nevertheless remained and I know that I owe a lot to him, becausethis unconditional love has given me wings and courage with which I have managed to distinguish boundaries and have only gotten to know myself better in terms of possibilities. She now has a child’s wish and that was just as difficult, but that is part of it. She is unable to take away our love for each other, we have both tried to slow it down, but we have accepted that love is there once and for all, invariably and forever. even me to find out if the feeling was really true, I had to follow my heart and the strange thing was that when I arrived in the city where my soul love lives everything was so familiar to me there was even a nun who recognized me.
Unfortunately I could not have had a real relationship with him, because of his girlfriend and current wife at the time. But there is still some kind of relationship, we still feel each other, whatever the distance, beautiful! The relationship that we now each have for himself, he married and not me, has not changed the emotional relationship. And yet I feel that we are coming together again, and then for good. It may take years, perhaps lives, but the fact that we are one is satisfactory enough. We have not been able to experience eroticism with each other (yet), but the funny thing was that when we met, the splatters were already flying awayObstacles we encountered during relationships were previously unbelief. The willingness to give up the familiar and ordinary earthly to enter into the relationship. I gave up my relationship, he didn’t. The problem is that I can only find and approve a next partner if he at least brings about the same thing in me, an impossible thing I know. I experience the soul-love relationship on a different level now that he is married, I have never tried to stoke even before he was married, because if it were to end it would not have to happen because of my intervention. I think it’s a pity, but everything is good for something.
I have experienced soul love as if we were floating above earth together, apart from time and space, one. The soul love has let me experience unconditional love and also made my own reflection clearer. My soul love feeling is bound by time and space and so intense that you have to experience that cannot really be expressed in words.
The best thing that happened between us was that I would watch a game from him at home and that an hour before the start of the game I had a ticket to be allowed to watch him play. It was racing against the clock, but I was on time and his team had won. Believe me angels exist, thanks again Hadraniel, Amarushaya and Fortunata !!!
He is my twinflame and I have raised the threshold for future partners since he is in my life, but I am not really looking for it, I was not when I met him.
My tip is; Even if you have no relationship with your twinflame, but you have already met him, stay with yourSelf and know that what is between you, the unconditional love, cannot be changed or taken away by anyone or anything. It is your source of power and inspiration, a gift from God