S053. Experience what unconditional love is, to see that I am that love myself


I discovered my soul love during the first physical encounter and had to say goodbye again on that day…. Yes we both experienced the same. An amalgamation, coming home, encountering yourself, unconditional love, recognition. A strong feeling in my heart and stomach, as if you were in love, but still different, only you don’t know at that moment.

We had a good friendship !!! An obstacle in this was the dependence on each other, inhibition in one’s own development. We didn’t have a love relationship wish, maybe if we both didn’t have a partner. But definitely not in this situation. Because it feels good as a good friendship. I am married and my husband understands. At this moment our friendship relationship has ended, for one very satisfying and the other a loss, a huge loss. But a confirmation of what unconditional love is, because this choice has nevertheless been accepted.

What soul love has brought me is to experience what unconditional love is, to see that I am that love myself, and to be able to radiate that to others. My heart is open and I know who I am now . What I find most special is the feeling of always wanting to be together, and the physical need to feel each other. The recognition that there is someone else on this globe who is just like you. And that there is someone who fully understands you. It feels like a gift, very special. A huge gratitude. A feeling what is there even after the break and never disappears.

It never came to eroticism. I admit that I have had that need, and you are shocked by the fact that a partner is already involved. I certainly believe that I would experience it intensely, unlike in my existing relationship.
I feel that the relationship has ended because it was necessary to be able to develop further. And we taught each other what is unconditional.It always remains in your heart. The relationship has been terminated by the other side, and I have accepted it. The real reason is not clear. But I am sure we will meet again. If the time is right to meet again, I am open to that. I am sure that I was ready for this soul love, only the other side still has trouble with it, and is still fully engaged in its own development, hence the break.

My tip; the emotions that are released and experienced during such a relationship are very confusing and very intense.
And stay with your feelings and don’t be ashamed.
All this that you experience is purely the unconditional love that you experience, in yourself in the other and in everything and everyone