S045. He has made me believe in myself and has given me a different perspective on life


We met five years ago at a party and we knew right away that it was a special click. I didn’t have a partner at the time, he was married (still by the way). And she knows nothing about our relationship. I have been married for 3 years now and am still in touch with my soul love. My husband has trouble with it. But saying goodbye to each other is very difficult. I experience it as very nice and familiar and I finally felt myself.
I had a wall built around myself because of earlier broken and unhappy relationships. He sincerely took everything I said seriously. When he came to visit me for the first time he was at home and that was how he felt.
We have not really had a relationship but it was intense and intense. We wanted it but it couldn’t. I was there for him, I was told by a colleague who told me that he was my soulmate while she never saw him. I had met him to help him because his marriage was on the back burner. I had been married before and did too little to save it.
we see each other occasionally, we text and call sometimes. It is satisfactory, but we both also know it could have been different.
He made me believe in myself and gave me a different perspective on life. And he is very grateful that I have revived his marriage. That I have pointed out to him points that you hardly see in a bad marriage.

The most special thing was the kiss that opened our hearts and that we knew; this is forever, without obligations. And each has its own life. Also very special is that our daughters now both have the same name for 3 years apart from 1 letter. My son has the same name as his brother and we had another name in mind and that was the name of his brother’s son. His wife and I are very similar in everything.

Eroticism was intense, warm, familiar, and full of passion. without community. The soul love feeling is wonderful and very pleasant and oh so special. I don’t want to think about ending our relationship. We have said so often we each go our own way, but it just doesn’t work

I am happy with my own husband and I will never give up my family for him and that is the other way around. My soul love and I think it is important that we know from each other that we are happy and will do everything we can to keep it that way. If one of us is sad, we even feel it. I had a miscarriage 4 years ago and the moment I heard that I received a text message from him saying that everything went well with me. And vice versa, those things have happened.

My tip is; do not shy away from your soul love, it can have a big meaning in your life.