S005. Soul love has brought us intensity


I met my soul love at the company where I work. She was from an employment agency. I felt: first “recognition”? It is there. And it grows, and continues to grow. Uncontrollable. We are still in a relationship and getting more and more intense. We are both freedom people. Very different origins. Large age difference. These are the biggest obstacles in our relationship.
We have been looking for solutions, alternatives, “ways out” for a long time. Accept it now, but it is very overwhelming. We now have a free relationship, but in fact we always want to be together. As soon as we have said goodbye to each other, we long for each other again.
Soul love has brought us intensity, it is all-encompassing. Total change in thinking. More love, also to other people. The best thing that happens between us is becoming “ONE”. Eroticism in our relationship has absolutely nothing to do with normal sexual feelings.
If I had to describe the feeling of love, I would say that we think of each other every second of the day. From both sides. It is paralyzing. You cannot search for soul love either. It happens suddenly. It is all-encompassing. Intensity in the highest degree.
I would like to say to others: experience each other TOTALLY, regardless of age, gender or origin.