S000P10 To get rid of my feeling


I am sorry was the partner of someone who met her soul love. I want to share my experience about this … to get rid of my feelings. I have met a very beautiful and special lady over two and a half years ago. It was not love at first sight … like with most here. There was something … only I didn’t want to give in to that at first. When she indicated that she wanted to stop our short relationship, I could not help but admit it. I wanted her … I wanted to continue with her. She was the woman I wanted to share the rest of my life with. At one point she told me about her soul love. Hard to understand what that is now. Certainly if you do not know that feeling yourself. You can describe us as, as she sometimes called us, I the autist and she is gifted and highly sensitive, whatever she really is. It was difficult for me, she loves another man and then in a way that I don’t understand or can feel. I saw when she was or has been in contact. That hurts… .. she just beamed. Her eyes spoke volumes. I resisted it. How is it that the woman! what you love and what you have a relationship with also love another man. I once ended our relationship to let her find out if she wanted to continue with him. In the end, she didn’t want to lose me, but neither did he, and I… .. I didn’t want to lose her either. I tried, really tried to give her enough space to keep in touch with her soulmate. In the end it all got too much for me. And my jealousy eventually became too much for us. I’m sure she didn’t cheat with her soulmate. Because she wasn’t and was not like that. But to hear her smile when she had him on the phone. Seeing her eyes shine if she had been in contact. Her need to contact him to share experiences became my morbid jealousy, as she called it, too much. In the end I couldn’t take it anymore and I couldn’t help it. Our relationship has stopped. In a very rotten way. A fight that was caused by my jealousy for him. The other man in her! life…. Now when I think back … My jealousy was not necessary. She loved me, she wanted to share her life with me, she wanted another child with me, with me … .. she wanted to build a future with me. But I couldn’t handle it …. The other man in her life. She said she didn’t want anything else but to go well with him … with or without him. I think you can have that feeling without being each other’s soul love. I hope she is doing well and that she is creating the future she has in mind. I can only say I BELIEVE IN YOU.

What a shame that you have given up your love through your jealousy. Certainly because she consciously chose you. I have 1 question do you have (more) children ?? So, yes do you like the 1 yes and the other not? You should also see the relationship between your ex and her twinflame, especially if nothing else has happened between them. I am also someone with 2 relationships, although my partner does not know this. There is only a spiritual bond between me and my twinflame. I love that person in a completely different way, perhaps even more intensively, than my partner. My partner would probably not accept it and respond just like you. Since I am doing absolutely nothing wrong and the contact is only spiritual I have something like this; ignorance is bliss. I am now only trying to express how her feelings and the situation must have been for your ex.