Q1400. I sometimes get so tired of this?


All that wise advice about how you should and should not deal with your “soul love” one wise nose write this about it and the other again that .. According to me there is no explanation whatsoever for the phenomenon of soul love … umpteenth time “being rejected” by (your) “soul love” “person” (soul) I don’t even know anymore what he is or what I should call him… It is pulling and as soon as you get too close again after reject a few months and then push it away again .. You can all say that the love you give him is too short what you give yourself … Live, enjoy and learn from it yes, I am going through hell every time … I am now 64 years old and it has been like that since I was 51 … So my advice … Soul love it suddenly happens to you and as soon as that realization comes in … Cut down with such a push and pull relationship.