Q1396. Who recognizes this?


After almost 20 years of speaking to each other briefly while you only live 500m apart message: Who recognizes this and how do you continue! Suddenly I am someone else. Suddenly the invisible barrier seems to have been lifted. The universe plays its beautiful music and I can hear it again. I feel liberation, relief, clarity, resignation and all of this through our 5 minutes in a meeting that could be seen as a coincidence for everyone around us. After our very short love relationship, I saw you after our lives moved in such a different direction. The first time I spoke to you you didn’t want to hear it. The second time I felt that there was no room with you, the third time you took so much distance but now I saw your happiness. You showed me that you found your place. That you are now where you want to be. You too experience the wealth of unconditional love. I am so happy to see this. I looked into your eyes and saw our souls go. The connection made, the reconciliation given. The openness, the love, the eternity but especially the regret. The choices I made, the accumulation of actions that are intertwined with my beautiful life but always the terrible loss. What if…. The waiting is over, the commitment is there, I have regained freedom. My wings have been restored, my soul connected again but most of all that I didn’t lose you. That it is so good that it is always good that this union even transcends this life. I am eternally grateful to you for this wise lesson, the pain, the misunderstanding, the anger but especially for your eternal union. Will meet again …… I can continue, looking for my other piece of my soul. My common thread ….

Answer 1
What I read from your story, that you have a focus on him than on yourself. When it comes to twinflames that you have to look for it more in yourself what it does to you. You can ask him how he looks. Why he doesn’t feel like you are because he’s not ready to be completely in his feeling. In the process of twinflames you do not force each other. I also think that you should become more independent instead of depending on how he looks.

Answer 2
Nice that you are healed, Nice that your wings can come out of the cage. Floyd meant well. Heal and fly. will meet again…