Q1240. Silence in the contact?


I am currently in a kind of radio silence when it comes to contact with my twinflame and the strange thing is that I like it. Take a breath free from that madness. Finally not thinking about him all day long but room for other things. But I’m afraid, afraid that when I see him again it will hit hard again. How is your experience with the waves of contact and silence?

Answer 1
Delicious anyway! I am also in silence at the moment and I really enjoy it. Nice and quiet and you can concentrate much better on other things. So use it too, I would say. Those moments of peace suddenly come out of nowhere for me while when it is not quiet I do everything to get it quiet and that it then fails. Just bizarre. Once in a while you really think that you are simply seriously disturbed. Horrible. With me it is unfortunately only for 3 months and then it is back. Now already 2 months of rest and hopefully it stays that way! Good luck and strength with this tricky phenomenon! And yes, to make it a little more bizarre. Take a look at the position of the moon and keep up with it. I always hear from him with a full moon. This may sound strange, but it is true. Success again!

Answer 2
So often just silence that you are at sea and see each other again for a while. And then all sparks will jump off when you see each other again. You have a kind of virtual lat relationship with each other.
Deep inside you know who is important to you and when there is an imbalance your soul love comes along to balance it.

Answer 3
Well, I certainly recognize this. Catch your breath and just be busy with things without constantly being busy with that other end of the line. Feels strange for me to be released suddenly. But it gives a liberating feeling. Even more positive is that I no longer see the person as ‘annoying’.