Q1222. What is it like to have earthly contact with your soul love?


I don’t have earthly contact myself, but I do have spiritual contact with astral dreams or dreams. But I would really like to know her side of the story. It would be nice to have a friendly contact with each other so that we can exchange one and the other.
I have known her for years in spiritual dreams, but unfortunately we have no contact in earthly life.
I have suggested that for a number of years, but then I got a rejection.
Yes, I understand all of that and have accepted it.
Anyway it’s no different it’s her choice.

Answer 1
I have earthly contact (also astral by the way!) With my twinflameman and that is all-encompassing. Violent sometimes, sad at times (because I also feel his emotions), amazing, special and beautiful. It is actually too much to mention and I am still surprised and grateful that this may happen to me every day. Luckily I praise myself that I can often see my twinflame (we have a normal friendly contact, not a relationship) and I know that someday, in the future, it will be more than this between us. I love him unconditionally.

Answer 2
Know your question a bit, especially the rejection, so
I know my twinflame, I know who she is, and in which country she lives,
but that was only via chat contact, but after many situations,
I got that contact broken, and after about 4 years I still think about her, but I dare not contact anymore, because I’m just afraid somewhere, so a rejection.
And one can think, just get back in touch, you have a no, and one can get a yes, but still that feeling is sometimes so strong, and was so strong that it still holds me back, good luck all the way
(Unknown) )

Answer 3
The earthly contact with my twinflame (man) is easy to do. We feel the bond between us, but do nothing with it because we
treat each other out of love and not from the ego. Steffie