Q1071. Does he like me?


I think I’ve already met my twinflame. We have had regular contact with SMS for a while but it remained superficial. He’s all I want. But he doesn’t hear from him again. He gives me the impression that it is not mutual. He makes me grow. I have grown up and grown seriously on a personal level and I am grateful for that. Every day I feel from all the little things that we are destined. I hope it will be fine between us and that we later become a couple. Because there is nobody who suits me better and who I would rather see than him. If I only think about him, I will shine. I have believed for a long time that everything will be alright. But what if it doesn’t work out well and he doesn’t like me?

Answer 1
I really like my soul love, so I always know how things are. I would really like to have a relationship with her in the future. We will see how it will turn out is up to her.

Answer 2
I think you are slowly growing together. A lot of time goes by to convince you that you are meant for each other. It is just like a virus that flows into your body but with divine energy. Every cell is filled with love and pleasure. And once you have reached that point you no longer want your soul love. Because he is the one who knows what you need and vice versa.

Answer 3
I agree. Your twinflame gives you such a deep sense of love that you will not find anywhere else. It may take a while before he / she
sees your twinflame , and sets her / his EGO aside, but if it is your twinflame, then it is destined during this time of twinflame reincarnations.