Q1028. Rare strange


My soul love never met .. By telephone, text, and telepathic contact since about a month or 3. Now a year later .. Did not know what happened to me in the beginning, what a flurry of energy through the telephone. Even tears, eroticism, a coming home. Recognition and recognition! while I actually knew it, someone adjusts with his back to me .. And now deny, recognize, repel, attract. And I let it go .. He is bound, longs for him, but almost selfless. Love exists. It took me a moment to understand, before I understood it, the rejection began. My god what a pain! Was just sick, nauseous, dizzy, everything you could not wish for. Huge surprise that someone could do this for me. Without seeing? .. What my question brings, he was further, drew my attention to the book of twinflames, the rejection began, and with me the awareness. Inverted world?

Answer 1
I have seen her alone and have been on the phone once. She told me it was true but there was so much energy that we could hardly speak. Only in our dreams do we have contact but not earthly. It would be nice that she makes contact even if it is only friendly.

Answer 2
Are you also bound? The only thing you can do until now is to continue to trust your own feelings and wait for the contact that will follow.
(Alicia Stuprijck)

Answer 3
No Alicia, I am not bound, in fact it had to find out that he was bound.