Q0977. Soul love turns its back on you?


Why does your soul love consciously trigger everything up, then turn your back on you and disappear into someone else’s arms?

Answer 1
Unfortunately I cannot look into the mind & heart of your twinflame. What you can do is just ask her / him, I really think that’s best.

Answer 2
May I ask what you mean by “triggering everything up”? And why do you think your twinflame does that consciously? Thank you

Answer 3
Very recognizable .. The same thing happened to me. I can still live with the other lady. His lesson. But I find it hard to turn my back on a painful way. Recognize wax, acknowledge, and now deny. Really understand nothing of it. Has brought me to shake and my inner knowledge was no longer trusted, and that is my navigation .. Strength, hope that you may understand why this happened.

Answer 4
Because you would learn to look at what it brought up. So to yourself instead of him.