Q0956. See back?


I have been out of relationship with my twin for 5 years and I have not seen him for 3 years, it really drives me crazy. My life has progressed well, I am studying again and I feel like I am working on it again pick up from where I dropped him. For the first time in my life I have the feeling that I am in control of life again, which brings more fear to the unforeseeable circumstances that could destroy this, thinking about that makes me sick and I try to fight it. My suspicion in my life was that I would only see him again if he was less dependent on him and would pick up my life again, this is gradually succeeding, and now I still wonder, when will it come back? this is different for everyone but is there any way we can find out? I used to have a premonition about 2 months in advance and that became stronger towards the moment, I also had many signs, they have now stopped, I am in my quiet period … My question is how do you feel that you are going to see your twin again and going to be back together? how can I put him back on, I really want to see him, know that everything is going well with him!

Answer 1
I do not feel that, I am insider trading. Your suspicion in your life was that you would only see him again if you were less dependent on him. How correct is that suspicion? Only suspicions and feelings are not enough, you have to I feel that I have prior knowledge. And a triple surrender, love alone is not enough. There must be a joint task, what is that? You should also have prior knowledge about that, twinflames only come together to do service work, I think. And if they (for this life) no longer have karma with third parties, is that also solved for both of you? You also need knowledge about this. Still work to be done?
(Who knows)

Answer 2
When you meditate, you feel your twinflame naturally because it is in your feeling. You only have to think about him or her very strongly. If you ask your guide I want to contact my twinflame.

Answer 3
Well a common goal; I do not know that I find it difficult to sense, I do feel a great predisposition for him and indeed a feeling that we must be together for something, but indeed how true that feeling is, I wish I could know and prior knowledge … well how do you get or feel that? and answer 2: I know that meditation helps, but lately my feelings and my spirituality are far away and it seems to me that they are closing me off for something, or that I am closing myself out of fear, I don’t know what to do to no longer having fear and being able to feel our beautiful connection pure again. And with number 1 that you do not feel in advance, I find it a bit strange, but is different for everyone, I think, I once met someone who experienced the same as me,

Answer 4
Hi Wieweet, how did you get this prior knowledge? Everyone on this site would like to know. And is that allowed at all? Curious about your joint task (does that have to do with Borneo)? Karma? They sometimes say that karma can be resolved super fast in this new age or doesn’t even matter anymore. I like the idea of ​​believing, in my past lives I was not a wimp like me now …

Answer 5
that he completely changes course and completely changes his objective, so we will act according to our predestination. Yes, that task has to do with the Dutch East Indies, I think! to Borneo, my twin and I have acted in the service of the VOC in monkeys, so from monkey robber to monkey care (from VOC to …. JOC!), the bill is settled, my great uncle fought there, was a personal friend of General Spoor and Prince Bernhard and I also know my great-uncle (now deceased) from a fight team / resistance group from the 2nd World War I worked as a courier for (my previous short life), so there are many more clues than between my twin and me, the goes at a high level.
(Who knows)

Answer 6
Helping people that’s my job I don’t know what her job is.