Q0937. Letting go?


I try to let go of my twinflame and often it goes well for a while. But after a few weeks or months he will contact me again. He’s not good for me. Do I still have to respond? Or will this continue for years?

Answer 1
You have to look for distraction in order not to think about it. If you do nothing, you start worrying and it only gets worse. Then it’s over faster than you think. With me this took years and now I’m done with. But you will first have to learn some lessons from him. When he held you he taught you some lessons that were important to him. Now the roles have been reversed and he has released you. When you have learned those lessons you will grow closer together.

Answer 2
When you let go, he starts to pull, and vice versa. That is the famous attraction and repulsion. I cannot judge whether you should respond or not. I would do that myself. Cherish your contact with your soul love, it is something very special. At the same time, you can keep a bit of distance by imagining in advance that you are in a white light and that you are not aware of negativity.

Answer 3
Letting go is an absolute prerequisite to gain a deeper understanding of your soul relationship. My love for my darling has remained unaffected despite some ‘blows’. In the meantime I could speak of unconditional love, but it extends beyond the love for him alone. It is also love for myself and love from / for God that I now feel deep within me. That is just so much to process at the moment that I now feel strongly that I have to be ‘alone’ to integrate it. I do have a question for you. Can’t it be a karmic relationship for you? Because in the case of twinflames, there is little to no karma to be solved anymore, both parties are completely healed in themselves and they are ‘the icing on the cake’ for each other. They are together from their self-love and from there generate a love that they radiate to their environment. They do this together, but can also function excellently individually.