Q0932. What should I do?


I had my twinflame in a dream last night. I asked her how it went when she told me let’s just exchange the phone numbers and email addresses and mail me. Now it is true that I have e-mailed her once for several years. Then I got a strong rejection that she wants nothing to do with me and that I just have to have my own life. This has now been passed over for years and things have changed completely. I dare not actually e-mail her even though she asks in the dream tonight. I prefer that she e-mail me because then I have certainty. I do not know that my soul love is also on the site that could just be. What should I do?

Answer 1
Dreams are not a deception I think. That is what we make mortals of it. You will still have to open up and keep opening up to your twinflame, whatever she once said to you. As everything ever said is a snapshot, so your reaction will now also be a new snapshot for her. In eternity it means nothing, everything is relative, therefore also a possible new rejection. You shouldn’t really care how she reacts, just dare to tell her what you dreamed of. If she rejects again, you’ll see that again. (Wieweet)

Answer 2
I have also gathered the courage several times to tell my twinflame of my dreams about him. He enjoyed hearing that. You should indeed not care what she thinks of it, but I understand that you find it scary. (Unknown)

Answer 3
I don’t want to be a burden to her, I kind of like if she wants me she will contact you automatically or not. (Unknown)

Answer 4
And what if she thinks exactly the same? I had a dream of my soulmate asking to exchange phone numbers. (TZ currently away with it) I am now also waiting for him to contact me because he did not respond too well the last time that I sent a text message. She was probably not ready for it at the time. Can’t you come across her in a way that you can sense her behavior towards you? I will soon look at my ZV in the hope that he will respond positively. Gr. ps you’re not blonde, blue eyes, 1.85 meters tall and good with your hands? (Unknown)