Q0919. Who has advice?


I have been searching all my life for something / someone … I did not know until I came across my zl HEAVENS, AWESOME, TOGETHER ONE, VERY, FEELING WHICH ALL SENSES EXCEED, AWESOME SO HAPPY AND HAPPY ETC ETC, I found out already very quickly that this was what I had always been looking for, now I was completely indescribably wonderfully heavenly. Now he has left me, what an intense sadness and pain, terrible, sometimes I think it will not survive. He feels nothing for me (he says). Who has advice, how do I get through this terrible sadness and lack please help me it is almost unbearable. who recognizes this?

Answer 1
I believe if you read the stories here, there are plenty of examples. About 5 years ago I experienced the same thing. I too was told that he didn’t care about me anymore but in my heart I felt it differently. They do not recognize the feelings as we do. It seems as if in their case it turns into fear, so their true feelings fall into the background. As if they want to protect themselves against unprecedented feelings. The easiest way is to say, I don’t feel anything for you. They also have no further explanation to give. The contact between him and me? Now 5 years later, I have learned to stay completely with myself without being bothered by my twinflame. It does mean before I got there, I had to work hard on myself. I can now stand with him in 1 room without losing myself in him again. I feel for you. I can only advise you, work on your independence, become stronger and more aware of yourself, who you actually are. I know it is a difficult task, but eventually you will find that you have gradually become a happier and different person. It is poor comfort, I know, but you don’t have much choice. Strength! (Manon)

Answer 2
Yes, let go again. Never immediately claim a man even though you don’t feel that way, he does feel that way. Just let go for a long time, stop contacting, never run after, like that horse in the I Ching explanation. If he belongs to you, he will come back to you again. And in the meantime you get signs whether or not he belongs to you …. In a few years he will come back by itself, at least only when you are over your grief again, I don’t think sooner. If one soul is in pain then it slows down the process for the other. (Who knows)

Answer 3
I have been searching all my life, but at that time I did not know what. At that time I was only busy with myself. Also at work they said to me you shouldn’t be too concerned with yourself. But I was looking for something, but I didn’t know what. I only found out when I was in bed and a golden divine sphere approached me. That is 8 years ago or longer. In that week I suddenly became paranormal and I came in contact with my soul love. At that time I gave her a lot of personal astral readings on the heavenly side. She has always been my greatest love, although it was not always appreciated because it was sometimes quite scary that she was so directly confronted with me as a helper. She is deep in my heart and in his soul and I love her unconditionally. (Unknown)

Answer 4
Yes answer 3, I know it exactly. I have had deep feelings for my twinflame for 17 years, but only two years ago did I discover that he is my twinflame, also because of very wonderful events that people who have not experienced will say that there is no such thing. I got a vision / image projected on the wall of my guide and then suddenly started reading a lot and that is how I ended up with the subject Twin Souls. I recognized everything, and immediately knew that it was still a very long way that we have to go. But it is a road full of beautiful feelings that are sometimes very difficult / sad and always super intense. I would never have missed it because it has completely changed me and I now know what unconditional love is. My twinflame is not out of my mind for a moment, he is always with me. And often I also feel it clearly. I feel that I am becoming more sensitive to paranormal matters. (Unknown)