Q0859. Opt for someone else


Are there more people who got to know their twin when you were both single, but your twin then chose someone else as their life partner?

Answer 1
We know each other from the past, when we were very young, and did not know what we know now. After our first kiss we didn’t see each other again. Now, after more than 30 years we have seen each other again and that was ‘coming home’! Lots of recognition and very much the same! We both have a relationship with another, but feel the connection with each other! (Unknown)

Answer 2
I met my twin about 30 years ago. The very first moment I saw her, I immediately knew that she would soon come across a friend, whom she would also marry. I met her boyfriend and I was very happy because my twin was very happy with him then. I was definitely not jealous. Only I was sad that she was moving to her village and she sent me an invitation to attend her wedding, which I did not do. When I was sitting with her boyfriend, she constantly looked at me because we were crazy about each other. I also knew then that I would meet her and I was so sure that I could say goodbye to her without fear. About thirty years later I saw her physically at work and then there was coming home for both. She doesn’t want to contact me, but she thinks more and more of me and has great doubts about contacting me again and she has a lot of trouble with that. My love for her is unconditional and I really want a friendly relationship with her. We are both married and I feel absolutely no jealousy, because true love is free and you let each other completely free. (Unknown)

Answer 3
My twinflame and I also met a few years ago when we were both single. Now my twin is married and I am in a relationship where I believe that my current friend makes me much happier than my twin. So far my twin has only inflicted grief and depression on me. He never once took my feelings into account in his actions. I have had periods of hell, and all of that is due to him. In retrospect, I have the feeling that I have missed and wasted much of my life with sorrow, fear and inferiority complexes. I’m completely done with it. Despite the fact that he is still in my entire system day and night, I no longer have a relationship or any kind of friendship with him, the choice has already been made and there is no way back. I notice that it will be much better if I see him as little as possible. Greeting (Unknown)