Q0764. Recognition?


To what extent can a twinflame recognize you if he himself knows nothing about this concept? I think he sees it as a major attraction / crush. Which is also true, but with all the change processes that come with it. Only that you have little or no with a different relationship so I do not know how to continue and how he now thinks or feels about us. I let him go out of love and I am convinced that if we are supposed to be together it will happen. But can I contact him now and again, like friends? I am afraid that he now finds our band / relationship far too complicated before we can talk about an official relationship and he will drop out as a result. Or will his change process unconsciously continue and bring us closer? He is now also busy with it, I can feel it. Thanks in advance! Greetings

nswer 1
This is very similar to the situation that occurred to me. Also a huge attraction from the outset. That the attraction is between you may be clear. And somewhere I also think that recognition has occurred to him, but it is possible that he will explain it in a different way. That he wants to give it a different name and there is nothing wrong with that. Because the experience remains the same! The result of the recognition remains the same, although he gives it a different name. Compare it to believing in God. I believe in God, but there are plenty of people who prefer to call it Universe, Source, the All. But if we go into it deeper, it all turns out to come down to the same principle. I and those others believe in the same thing, but we call it different. If you learn a lot from each other, if you are going to grow enormously, whether or not together, then it really doesn’t matter what name he gives it … And what you say: if you have to! are between you, then it will end up on its feet eventually. It is good that you let go of him now and that you do not wait patiently, because that is how you do yourself. You are doing well! (Unknown)

Answer 2
I also knew nothing at all about the concept of soul kinship, I felt in love and immediately knew this will never pass, we belong together. I also felt and knew that she felt the same way but she did not want to talk about it and denied it. The universe sent me everything on my path to make it clear to me that we were soulmates and in the end we succeeded. Now it has turned out afterwards that she had known it for much longer than me and that she had been doing it intensively for years, and I still do not know how long. Hope to hear the whole story of herself, it fascinates me. Sometimes I think that woman is possessed by me when I see how and how long she has been doing it and has never been able to talk about it, do you find it strange that you get narcissistic traits? She is actually very sweet and I think she’s having a huge time. We are a very complicated twinflame couple haha, hope we can someday talk openly and honestly, if necessary only in the retirement home, though … will we be so exciting for the rest of our lives? how do i maintain that? oja surrender to…. let go … acceptance, I know it all so well :-). (Unknown)

Answer 3
@Answer 2 So recognizable, a bit of a tragicomedy. Sometimes tragic, sometimes a comedy and at the same time a romantic drama. Hope that you can talk to each other before the retirement home in complete openness. But I have often made that joke about the old people’s home, although I don’t feel like being in a home, haha. It has to do with the thought that you do not care anymore at an advanced age and that you then tell the truth more easily. (Unknown)

Answer 4
Thank you antw.3, I think it is mainly a romantic drama, never thought that I would play a leading role in that :-(, I hope idd also for a happy ending haha ​​or iig an open and honest conversation between us because I think it’s really a shame (sorry for the word) to put something so beautiful aside and dare to talk about it when it doesn’t matter anymore. You live now too, that’s given to you, and it’s up to you to What a shame or missed opportunity if you soon come to that old people’s home (OK rather not, by the way) then come to the conclusion that you actually wanted to say it much earlier, what do you have to lose? love! (Unknown)

Answer 5
Thank you for the responses! I had asked the question and immediately a whole new world opened up to me with these answers. Answer 1, what you say is exactly how I feel. We are both still very young, in his early twenties, he is a man so he will not delve into the spiritual, but he must have thought of it. That is how I feel it. Now, however, he is suddenly blocking / repelling me completely. I thought I had it all under control, but no … I really have my ups & downs. I seem to have gone crazy .. In my opinion, he repels me by 1 unimportant incident on MSN, but he apparently did not like it or something. Reply 2, I can recognize myself sooo well in your story, but in the female part, hahaHe would be shocked by how long I’ve been doing it, but no hair on my head thinking of saying anything about it! Enja he, .. he also notices something, but not to the point that he receives signals from the universe. Too bad, that would make it all that much easier. I wonder if there are several people whose twinflames do not know about the spiritual at all and how it continues afterwards or how they deal with it? I try to stay busy all the time and let it go! Is only difficult if you now have a whole month of vacation! Greetings (Unknown)

Answer 6
@ antw5, hi I was from antw2, if you read here on the site you can see that there are people who have been busy with it all their lives, it seems terrible to have been around with such a “secret” for so long walk, maybe it’s a little easier for women than for men because I don’t think they talk about this at all. A relief then, isn’t it? such a site where you can put everything and also find recognition, and how wonderful it would be to talk to your twin about it (just keep dreaming, maybe it will come true sometimes and otherwise we will focus on “the secret “Haha). And is holiday just not to let go of everything? moment of contemplation, just enjoy life, but yes I recognize it, then your twinflame will come crashing in. (Unknown)

Answer 7 Answer 5
, I have another tip for you. If you really have ups and downs of assumptions you might have to try and let go, especially if you are not “really talking” to each other, maybe he had to laugh heartily about your MSN message and something else is going on. That is where things always go wrong between me and my twinflame, he tries to think for me, but because his ego is often troubled, it is not true, and if you do not “really talk” then many misunderstandings and frustrations can arise. Let it go … it works best, strength and love! (Unknown)

Answer 8
I was raised non-religious myself, so I was actually blank and I think that was the reason that I quickly picked up or accepted the spiritual. Have left “it” open all my life and lived the way I thought it was good, always followed my feelings. Existing religions did not appeal to me because I saw in what straitjacket you are stopped with imposed rules. I had my own faith without a name haha, but I mainly believed in myself and that I could decide for myself what was good and bad. After meeting my twin all kinds of special things happened and more and more characters came my way. In the beginning you think of “coincidence”, but soon there were far too many coincidences and then you get to know the spiritual. I have always kept the latter far away from me because I thought it was scary and I knew very deeply that I would be receptive to that. But if you dive into it purely from Love and you are open to it, there is nothing to be afraid of and then you get so much confirmation from the universe that you can no longer ignore it. You must, however, be open to it, you must dare to admit it, and I think if you have a “believer” background that you will nevertheless carry a backpack with you that can be an obstacle and which you first have to go through. Ultimately, if you go very deep, we all believe in the same thing and it doesn’t matter what name you give it. It is important that you continue to follow your own path and not be guided by rules, opinions and ideas imposed by others. For me it was about the same way; I read a lot, really a lot and if I read something I immediately “knew”, this is correct or this is not correct or I cannot do anything with it now so I put it aside. In this way I have become familiar and familiar with the spiritual, and I do not yet know everything and that is not necessary, as long as it feels good to me, I know that! I am on the right track. Gosh, a tough story, but it had to be…. Love. (Unknown)