Q0662. Music and lyrics?


Since I know it (7 days) there are a lot of lyrics of songs (songs) that suddenly get a different meaning, deeper, more beautiful !! Are more people lucky? It seems to me that it is not wishful thinking, because the text has really not changed … Many Many Very, preferably …

Answer 1
Yes I certainly do, very often. And you can also make a good distinction between real love songs and “love” songs in which the ego plays a major role. Beautiful. Closer to Marco Borsato I find a very beautiful one myself. (M.)

Answer 2
You are absolutely right !! where other people use characters in other forms, I get them through music. My twinflame and I are both very music lovers and both like to attend concerts, in music we can express our feelings towards each other! Am I in a bad feeling prompt a nice song is coming on the radio and that’s how I know he’s in my mind !! But I also learned to experience the music itself very differently, deeper, more and all-embracing. I have said to him, I cannot be with you, but luckily I still have music, it may sound lonely, but that is the only thing that can stop my mind !! I would say enjoy your music … and of course your feelings for your twinflame, love. (Unknown)

Answer 3
Yes, I had that too, I particularly liked Bach’s music, texts by Iranian poets had a depth that you could sometimes experience the essence of creation. I noticed that I was being lifted to another world. I had these experiences when I met my twin again through a dream. These experiences lasted a few months and now I notice that those experiences are coming back and more subtle and deeper. I find it very moving to be able to experience this. (Unknown)

Answer 4
The weeks after the twinflame meeting I played the song Chanson pour Chameleon endlessly by the singer Lio, it went on all day long! I was recovering from an operation at home and indeed, the song lifted me up …. no idea why, I had absolutely nothing to do with Lio, although I admire that woman as a person very much, but she was a generation’s companion. child was not a Frenchman for nothing … 🙂 (Wietske)

Answer 5
No, it is certainly not Wishful Thinking, coincidence does not exist. The one has it with signs, the other with songs, pronunciations, etc. I have it just like that, delicious! Lots of songs that have to do with ‘our’ moments. Texts that touch me and give me a Happy feeling, just like they want to wake me up there again, so: remember? Do not forget Mrs. Enjoy it Lots of love (Elselina)

Answer 6 Answer 1
, yes that is also a wonderful song from Marco, anyway most of his songs are very spiritually profound. At the very beginning when twin kept denying, I often played domenica from marco (the live version of concert white light), and I also find “the destination”, “butterfly” and “walking on the water” very beautiful. His music helped me through the 1st years. Love (unknown)

Answer 7
I am waiting for you, even though it will take ages, I will whisper your name, but one day the day I will shout it … beautiful isn’t it? Oja and I had forgotten, “ZIJ” from Marco of course, bye. (Unknown)

Answer 8
My twin communicates with me through the videos he uploads to his hyves. Since October the lyrics of these songs tell me what is going on in his subconscious. He does not do this on purpose, he is not aware of it … But it is a gift for me to be able to see in this way how the twins are stirring inside…. He’s having a hard time. And that hurts me. (L.)

Answer 9
My twinflame regularly “sends” me songs over the radio that relate to our situation. Very striking and beautiful. When I look up the lyrics later, I am always amazed. (Unknown)

Answer 10
Do you know the song; I am glad I did not forget you .. if I heard that then I spontaneously got tears in my eyes, I cried a little deep inside. Never knew why … until I saw him again .. nice to see it now understand so many feelings..thank you dear twin. (Unknown)

Answer 11
I remember that from two years before, until the meeting with my twin husband, I often played the song “You were always on my mind” by Willie Nelsom. Before and then never. And what a medium told me: “You have been aware of each other all your life, from your mother’s womb.” And then suddenly play that song, crazy actually … (Unknown)

Answer 12
Another song from Claudia de Brey; “I love you so much” .. is not entirely true! (Unknown)

Answer 13
Yesterday my angels suddenly pointed to Baby can I Hold You by Tracy Chapman, well I always thought she sang sorry / forgive me / I love you is all you can say, I searched the text yesterday, she sings everywhere “is all you CAN’T say”, haha ​​then it suddenly became very applicable to me and my twin. Have already turned it 100 times now and hope that twin has received something from it (Florence)