Q0612. Having trouble staying in the here and now?


If you know that you have a joint task with your twin in the (near) future, can you still concentrate on the here and now? Or do you also want to unravel everything as quickly as possible and then see? Not a good tip by the way … I myself am really finishing things up, that goes without saying – I don’t force it – but I am increasingly thinking about the future.

Answer 1
In my mind I am very busy with the future, but in the earthly world I cannot afford it. Then I am immediately put back on the ground by both my earthly partner and kids and that is a good thing because I still have something to finish there. Because I have no idea how long that will last, I have had to surrender completely to it, after it has kept me busy for a year and a half day, it was almost no longer viable. I do have the idea that I have already completed a part of the grieving process, so that I will be “ready” sooner. A great lesson in (self) confidence because I don’t know when, maybe next week, maybe only in 2 years and then you can only let go. Sometimes difficult, if plans have to be made that are in the future, for example planning a summer vacation. Last year I postponed everything, I no longer do that now, I just plan as usual and see how it goes. Can only be very d! icht stay with myself and have faith, which is quite difficult if you have the feeling of leading a double life but I “know” that it is the intention. (Unknown)

Answer 2
Yes, I can easily stay in the here and now. Sometimes I consciously fantasize about twin and me, but they will continue to be fantasies for the time being because he still has a long way to go, and I am not finished with my own process either. Time is an earthly concept but I still have the feeling that it can take a long time before a breakthrough comes between us. And I think that life should be lived as it presents itself, so I do that. I am very happy with my life, so it doesn’t really bother me. It is not the intention of soul love to put your whole life on hold and to wait for the other. Because living is learning is growing. You do this not only for yourself but also for your other half. I do understand that it is tempting to “rip off” things, but that is not the intention. You can’t force things, it comes when the time is right and as a person you do not determine that yourself. Sometimes I think that soul love is a tough lesson in practicing patience. Surrendering to life, the oma! skills and learn your lessons from them and in the meantime try to be happy with them. This is best if you try to live in the now and not look too much ahead. All love (A.)