Q0591. Do you want to be careful about obstacles to reunification?


Recently I am sure of our path. From my twinflame and I, in the future. Can last 3 years. It will be nicer, more beautiful, very happy. Focused on healing and healing, helping as many people as possible, day and night. Collaboration, optically and manually. Becoming more spiritual together and shared passion and surrender. There is no escaping this. Yet I am very much upset about what he still has to go through. it is not always easy to be clairvoyant). The disillusion and humiliation, having to say goodbye, an inescapable process on our way to our destination. Do more people oppose reunification or that does not play a role, do you also see obstacles that you still have to go through?

Answer 1
You know, someone who has clairvoyant moments can also be wrong, because the future is never entirely certain and depends on decisions that you make now or in the future. If a joint future with twin is also intended, it becomes even more complicated because then not only your decision counts but also your twin’s. I was also allowed to get through a number of scenarios, since last year we switched to plan B (that’s how I got it :-)) because plan A didn’t work. I also knew, first it’s the turn of twin and then I pass, but that too can be a test and it doesn’t have to be right, so it is especially important to stay very clear in your decisions, stay close to yourself. I too got through, together further, it will be very beautiful (heaven on earth is promised to me: -))) and idd focused on a joint task, healing and healing. By the way, I think that will apply to many twins that will come together in this life. M! but before we get that far, it will be very tough for both of us and I will look forward to it, but because I look at the big picture, I also understand why it is necessary and I don’t care so much to the left or the right. therefore become heavy. I no longer feel disillusion and humiliation, if you know that you have chosen this yourself to learn your lessons, that the ego is allowing those feelings. I let myself be guided on my path and am confident that if I stay close to myself that I will be “carried”, no matter how difficult it is and will become, sometimes it only becomes clear afterwards why you had to go through something .. I also feel that I am constantly being tested heavily in this final phase. I am currently getting jammers from all sides and that forces me to stay very close to myself, not to do things that do not feel right deep down. . I have contact with twin more often and I like that and it makes me strong, we are in! through being able to feel each other and to give strength and energy. But exchanging information through just soul contact always costs me a lot of energy, certainly because things have gone quite wrong there. I get it, from twin, and it will all go with it, but it’s tough !! So your question, do you face obstacles, I let it come over me, our Love has made me very strong and with a reunification it makes it bearable.

Answer 2
Obstacle; to let go of the caring, to let go of love which no longer feels right to me, to remain honest to my own feelings and to take the right steps, no matter how difficult, to deal well with the sorrow of the other to go with compassion because I feel that I can no longer do anything else and ‘continue’, a kind of assignment, that’s how I feel it, but keeping it ‘earthly’ does not stop there, it remains but in a different way it will get a place in my life. (Unknown)

Answer 3
No, don’t mind reunification, why should I, just beautiful. The obstacles are difficult, but they are to do what you write about the image of growing together, surrender to something higher, I have felt that for so long. A goal, healing work, I feel that too, it is something you ‘know’ years ago I felt that too and now it is becoming more and more clear, that is now clear-knowing, never known haha, but it has led me tnt, consciously and unconsciously. Something higher has called us and it seems wonderful if you can / may come together as far as that is our destination, that’s how I feel it. (Unknown)