Q0490. Why is the contact suddenly gone?


What have I done wrong that there is no answer, no reactions from my twin, have the idea that there is something or others between us that makes us confused, that responds to our messages .. can that .. we are each other nl. already very close and now I am sometimes afraid that something will go wrong again at the last minute .. we experienced this very early and I must not think that this is happening again .. I know that we are all for it want to go together but now it is so quiet.

Yesterday afternoon seen my twin in person, since 29 years, on her case. I couldn’t take my eyes off her, she only looked at me occasionally and said nothing to each other. There were no strong reactions. I felt calm and not nervous. I’m sure I was protected. I love her so much. I left the store without saying a word. She was not in the store for a moment, and when I left, she was suddenly there. There were strong reactions for her belly. I went outside without looking back and in a while I will visit her again. The attraction will always remain and I hope to be able to meet her again in peace so that we can talk quietly, but yes you are not always in control of how you want it to happen. In the night that followed violent dreams and now I constantly think about her all day. The intense emotions are slowly starting to play again. I want to see and talk to her again. You are truly guided and protected from above. What kind of life is this, not normal, it’s not from this earth. If you are destined for each other you will meet again and patience is very important for these relationships. (Unknown)