Q0352. Is hij mijn tweelingziel of mijn zielsverwant?


Since March I came in contact with my current friend via the Internet and from the first contact (we had never seen each other) I just knew it was right. He also had that feeling. However, the “problem” was that I was in a (dead-end) relationship and he was single. It may sound stupid, but I just agreed with him. I just knew that if I didn’t do that, I would never be complete and I would regret it forever. Our 1st date was almost magical, it felt like coming home, we didn’t have to explain anything but understood each other directly just looking at each other. We have the same interests, vision, humor, if one person is sad, the other suffers just as hard and so on. He was immediately so familiar and I could immediately be myself with him. He has experienced the same thing and we still experience the same thing every day. If we are not together, we feel empty and incomplete and text or call each other. I have never experienced this before in a relationship, that intensity, that depth, the feeling that everything is right and that we are each other’s “image” in terms of soul. I even ended my relationship for him because I knew that if I let him go because of my ex, I wouldn’t be happy about this. He took care of me and my son perfectly after my relationship had ended, he dragged me through it … unconditionally and with so much love that I sometimes am still watching this. Actually from the start we both had something like “I want to grow old with him / her, he / she is just completely!”. And he experiences the emotions that I experience exactly the same way.
Is he my twinflame or my soulmate? Since both concepts are quite similar to each other, it is not really clear to me what exactly we are. Hope someone can give an answer to this. Thanks in advance!