Q0341. Are there more people who suffer from prejudice?


I notice that when I talk about my twinflame, it is by no means appreciated or understood by everyone. I just want to take it as simply as possible, get it from the mysterious corner. Are there more people who suffer from prejudices?

Not letting go is a pitfall, I learned, it is indeed the love that goes through everything, whatever happens you love each other and you never have to let go !! but if you don’t let go, you pull and push, so did my twinflame and me. that gave removal and much sadness. be happy with the contact every now and then and let go, because that is only unconditional love. he still chooses his wife, which is safe and well-known, but you can count on him to change by only getting in touch with you every now and then. have patience and trust and the love you send to each other will do the rest. I, too, have had all these phases, did not want to give in to it at first, and when I did and understood what he meant to me, I got all the way up.