Q0330. Miscommunication or illusion?


In a difficult relationship after 3 years only 5 times out and yet together again. living together and that was too much. the same thoughts and ideas but in practice especially pain. he just talk more, I got so tired of it and said it’s better that you leave. he went and went straight to a next girlfriend, maybe out of being hurt, or because he needed someone. It hurt me a lot. And now the question; I am damaged as a child and could not trust, is that right, or is it just someone who has abused me. I have such a longing for him, I think he is my twinflame .. I try to let him go.

First work on yourself, including your past. Regarding your traumatic experience, it has nothing to do with your former partner, but it does show in your actions. As soon as it gets too close, you push it away from you again. This will continue as long as you do not work on yourself. Let your deeper feeling speak instead of your ratio. (Unknown)