Q0327. My soul love has completely lost itself, what now?


marriage with children. 1 year ago we confessed everything at home, but I am now divorced and he, well .. it is unclear where he hangs. I am convinced that he is completely on the ground with himself, sitting on the pills and walking with a psychologist. His wife is still somewhere in the picture, but I do not know in what capacity. He even wanted to take his own life, because he doesn’t know how to handle everything. He has asked me to leave him alone and I do, but I do not lose hope of living with him, because my feeling is so deep. Who recognizes this ?????

My tip is: Let it go. Because you don’t really belong together. You were together for a while, for a different purpose. Namely finding happiness in yourself. (Unknown)

I understand very well what you mean. The hope that you still come together runs like a thread through your feeling. Give yourself the time and space to recuperate and to come and stay closer to yourself. Once you realize this, there will be hope, but hope can handle it better. Now you don’t know how to deal with it. also the love for your twin will continue to be but you also learn to deal with that. First learn to stay close to your feeling, you will see that you will look at it differently. Success! (Unknown)