Q0319. Signs and symbols?


Who has received all sorts of signs and symbols and from what age before he / she encountered the Twin Soul? I can trace it from the age of 7 and I first met my twinflame when I was 48.3 1/2 month after that encounter I got a flash BZE (extrasensory experience) that the person was my twinflame. And still I get all sorts of things on my path eg a book that I find, open and then read exactly the paragraph that relates to my situation …. I have there 40 as a whole found, if you pay attention and look at your relationship, then life becomes more and more a fairy tale …

yes, I also had an extrasensory experience. I was actually against my will, but taken by a group of friends, at his and his wife’s house, and wanted to leave. Then suddenly a very warm, light, unconditional love feeling came from above, it was heaven that told me to be there, that it was good. I felt my father (who passed away a long time ago), this has turned my life upside down … I am no longer afraid of death, because your soul goes on! What you have fought for years because you think it is not allowed, (both married), that is swept off the table by these signals. Many intuitive moments and signals from the universe that tell me that he belongs to me and suddenly have a clear certainty that he loves me. Never said to each other and yet such a sure feeling. I dream about him and the next day he walks in the sweater you saw in the dream. When I see him I see his light around him .. after an evening in his presence I see auras around people the next day. Also my wounds heal quickly after such a meeting, I feel very well again .. and we have telepathic contact, he says one sentence and I understand three .. it is really a miracle but it hurts that you are not always together can be because people think it is not allowed and allowed .. all self-interest .. miss him .. (unknown)

I can remember that as a child I already felt very lonely in this world, because nobody understood me. My whole life has haunted me with this question: “Surely there must be 1 person in this world who is like me?” When I saw him, I saw myself, but differently. In the end it became a short-lived relationship with an incredible appeal, but with the same dose of rejection. Now, 8 years after the break and never seeing him again, there is fortunately telepathic contact and meditation. I can feel it completely at times, and I am very grateful for that. Soul pain because of the loss hurts me more than physical pain …. (Soulsinger)