Q0304. Reunite with your soul love or stay with your family. What should you do?


If you have known your twinflame for 8 years and have grown enormously through it, gone through all layers of consciousness, then your husband will no longer really understand you, but will do his best to hold you and your children are quite there sad that you want to leave their father, what should you do? Feel that I am standing still and that I must continue with my soul development and want to be free again to unite with him, when my twinflame is ready. is that allowed to build happiness on the sadness of 3 children and a man who does everything to hold you?

Answer No matter
how painful the situation is, you will always remain the mother of your children. Whether you are with their father or with someone else, you love them just as much. You have a relationship because you want to be with someone and that is independent of your relationship with your children. It does have consequences, but when your children grow up, they want you to be happy. You can both be the best mother for your children and be with your love. And your husband may love you very much, and it is very painful to hurt him, but is finding someone pathetic a basis for a loving relationship? We do “love” with our hearts and that is why I believe that when we make decisions about love we can turn to our hearts for answers. Good luck and good luck with your choice. (Unknown)

It is as if I have put this question there, it feels so confusing, I have also been in contact with my twinflame for 8 years and now that we both have grown so far that we feel that we really want to be together now we are facing a big dilemma.We are both married and I have a family with 3 children who are all sad that I want to leave their father, but for a large part they get it. my twinflame has no children and I am not sure if he wants to leave his wife, we ask and say that not to each other because then you push the other in a certain direction. and you do not want the other to leave your marriage through you. My husband also tries to hold me while he does not understand it at all and is also on such a different emotional level than me. We are now receiving therapy to get out of it, although I know that it is different to him and I told him that. he wants it to be okay again while I want to be sure that I am taking the right steps. I also do not want contact with my twinflame at the moment because I really have to look very carefully at my feelings for my partner. You close a chapter in your life that wasn’t bad but that you now know was not about that pure, real love. You have turned into a fast-paced flight and your partner then says that he also wants to change, but that is not because he wants it himself but because he does not want to get rid of you. That cannot be the intention. you do change for yourself. I am now about to give up my marriage without knowing whether my twinflame will do the same. You know that there will never be another man in your life, so that becomes a life only with friends, children and yourself. That is terribly difficult, but it makes you strong! I think it is mainly fear that stops you, because the love and attraction of a twinflame is undeniable, it is so large and magnetic that it feels like being unfaithful when I am free with my husband, so it no longer works. So at a certain point you have to choose, the cosmos gives you more and more signals that things have to change. I think there is a reason that you come across your twinflame and when you have grown sufficiently there will come a time when you can unite with your twinflame. The love that you can experience can also be a blessing for the people around you. the energy that you send out is so great,

Trust that the choice that is best for Your Self is also the best choice for all involved, regardless of the consequences. Only egos offer resistance and want you to be (and remain) the way you are according to their ideal image. Children can be well accompanied with a possible divorce. Your ex-partner and children will find their new happy way within, for example, 2 years. But your Soul Love may feel unhappy for 10 years without you. Moreover, when your ex and children see how happy you have become, they also see that it was a good choice afterwards. (Unknown)