Q0295. Does he want to contact me?


I think I met my twinflame 18 years ago. It was so intense but we were married and we couldn’t go on together. We each went in one direction. But it hurt so much. I missed him so much. Recently my daughter has had spiritual contact with him. we almost always dream about him together in the same night hour. she is very drawn to him. have the feeling that he wants to contact me. what do you think? I feel that so bad. and that goes through my daughter I think

I think my daughter felt very well that this (our twin love, he came to our house as friends, but both in a relationship) was something special, she even asks me now (now that I am divorced) if I too what hears from him, or I already know something, new age child eh, they naturally already know by what’s important, extra messages! never said very clearly but she also saw that I didn’t have to go through with her father. Sometimes I think it’s my grandmother who’s with me, who helps me with all the difficult choices, isn’t it crazy! but my grandmother died 3 years before her birth and she was already an angel in her life .. now she is back in my daughter .. I think, because now and then she gives me very sweetly on my head when I have doubts, sometimes she’s wiser than me, it’s like she knows i have something to do here, and that my twin is part of it and that it is important … she once said; maybe i’m here for you! hope she is also there for herself because it is ee! n world girl .. enjoy your child and the things you experience .. love (Unknown)