Q0262. Hart chakra?


I think I met my twinflame but I don’t know for sure, many things correspond to what is written about it, but nowhere do I read that when you think of him or when you are together your heart chakra starts to burn, that is also a sign that it is so If I feel my heart chakra then he feels it too. So if anyone knows anything about this I would really like to hear that.

I want to tell you that your heart chakra will actually burn when you meet your soul love, I then had to say goodbye and it felt as if my heart broke with him, so I have been crying for 6 years because this love goes so deep , so deep that you yearn for air, I will never feel this before or with anyone else as long as I live until I die I will take him into my heart in this life and the next lives. Love (Patricia)

Wow, very beautiful! (Unknown)