Q0200. After my soul love has broken our relationship it is as if something is dead inside. Who recognizes this?


Since my soul love broke our relationship because it was all too sensitive, it feels like something is dead inside. It seems that I survive more than I live I can hardly enjoy anything anymore. Who recognizes this and how do you deal with it?

I recognize this, although I have not had a relationship with my soul love. I had to say goodbye several times for a while and that also feels like something is dead in you. What I have done to solve it is to see that you can also function as an individual, that you not only feel complete when your soul love is with you. I had forgotten that in time with my soul love. I thought I could only feel good in her neighborhood and I would be nothing without her. Now I feel a lot better because I know that I can feel complete and good without my soul love. But it does not mean that you have forgotten your soul love, you have given it a place and let it rest with love. (Unknown)

But no one else can push your soul’s love from his / her place in your heart. He / she will always remain your great love. No one else who can make you whole with love. Without him / her you miss something. (Unknown)
Answer You can never let it rest. You will always be drawn to each other like a magnet. (Ad)

Do not feel whole without your soul love. You cannot bind someone to you. Want to be dependent on someone. Dependent is stuffiness. The lesson in that is letting go. (Unknown)