Q0129. When does someone know that this is his or her last life that he or she is leading or will be leading?


When does someone know that this is his or her last life that he or she will lead? As for his or her soul. I was once told that you don’t have to know certain things and it seemed to me something like that. But are there people who know this and how did they find out?

In the book “Make your heaven on earth” (William Gijsen), there is a detailed description of the different atmospheres and stairs in which we can find ourselves today. This is different for everyone depending on your evolution or awareness. The highest sphere and staircase in earthly life is sphere three and stage seven. If we have achieved this, it means our last life. This is characterized by enlightenment (unconditional love) and you also meet your twinflame. (Unknown)

I think you make that choice yourself, when you go, I think you will have the choice to start a new life again (incarnation). Perhaps you should also start a new life to achieve missed learning goals. In short I don’t think people know if he / she is leading her last life. Neither do I think that you met your twinflame in your last life, I personally think that you already knew it in your previous life (s). Only in this life are you aware of it … and are you sure that you are dealing with a twinflame … This also has its meaning…. but only you and your twinflame will be able to unravel that. Enjoy the adventure and just let it all come over you. Everything will be fine in the long run. (Unknown)