Q0126. How is it possible that love turns into hate? Why did I meet her? And will she ever know in the future that I was a kind of soulmate for her?


I don’t really know where to start but 2.5 years ago I was in England for my work as a cameraman. In the city of Sheffield, there I met a woman who, through my astrological data, predicted that I would encounter a woman, it was crazy that the prediction came true. I met her while making a modern ballet film, so we talked and I quickly found out that she was working on a next film that I was also working on. She clearly showed her feelings to me on those recordings which I was actually shocked but also liked. Unfortunately she made it to 6 weeks but not in an adult way that confused me. Later I found out through her that she was sexually abused by her stepfather as a young girl and that she had been eligible for hard drugs such as cocaine. My biggest mistake I made after the relationship is that I didn’t call her immediately after about 2 weeks. I waited too long to be too scared. Rather; I felt her anger and frustration. While I was in Sheffield and she in Newport (Gwent, South Wales). I still asked her that it was possible to go back to her and she said that I was stalking her and I don’t like her anymore heard again.
Now comes my question, How is it possible that love turns into hate? Why did I meet her? And will she ever know in the future that I was a kind of soulmate for her?

Precisely because of your distance now, she will realize that, and miss you. She saw a piece of her self in you, which made her scared, I think, to get to know her own self. Given her past, she has many things that she still needs to process. My advice: Do not force yourself, but try to support her with everything. She needs it! Mail her that you will always be there for her. (Unknown)

You are too confronting with her, she is not yet that far in her development. It is what you say, “in an immature way …”. Make sure your ego doesn’t take the upper hand and still visit her. You can be there for her when she asks for it, mind you, go ahead with your own things and make sure you don’t get dragged into her misery. That is something she must resolve with herself. It is a difficult process, but worth the effort, it makes you a better person if you go through your development well. (Unknown)