Q0109. Let go but how? I want that but it doesn’t work?


I would like advice and tips on how someone deals with his or her grief and intense desire and heart-wrenching pain while letting go of your soul love. I have tried everything but I cannot, sometimes I am close to despair. I am really looking for help from you. Every day I think of him and cannot allow anyone else in my life and he is always floating around me. How should I continue?

Your twinflame is the other side of yourself and is immensely fascinating. He or she is your complement and complements you perfectly. It brings you what you lack, what you want and what you are open to. It increases your individuality through the unification. Soul love permeates all layers of being, illuminates the mind, purifies the feeling and unites the bodies in a sanctified sexuality. Being together physically satisfies much deeper and broader than just sexually. You reach a state of physical and mental bliss that is felt in every part of the body and soul. You can never let go of this. Balancing your inner powers and enjoy the best you have. Not everyone meets his other half in this life. Even if you think you have no contact, it remains a golden thread,

My tip for others is; – chrish the beauty of your fragile eyes (embrace your own vulnerability) – soul love is rare and therefore also quite painful. Know that she can be so painful because of her rare beauty. Rarity is rare without problems. If you feel like you are going through hell: a medal always has 2 sides. The deeper the hell, the higher the sky. – Grab the meaning of the two-handed encounter: you can learn a lot about yourself … – Know that your love knows or feels it when you are not together and you think of him / her; also know that there is always an answer, but then you have to be quiet inside, otherwise you won’t hear it … (Ineke)