Q0107. Do I argue or act wrongly towards him?


I am rather reluctant and currently very hard on my soul love because he has a girlfriend, and I absolutely do not want to influence him with regard to his choice. The relationship with his girlfriend feels secure and not that intense. But whether she is the right choice for him, I think he should decide for himself. I told him that I want to keep a physical distance, but that I want to email. Do I argue or act wrongly towards him?

Answer You
should therefore not actually email him. He has made the choice and wants to take a new road with his girlfriend. In the meantime, it will have to be seen who finally has true love. If that is with you, he will come back. … You went to bed with him knowing that he has a girlfriend? (Unknown)

If you continue to mail him, do not let him go so that he can not continue with his life what he does have (so to read), time will tell if you come together. When you let go of each other, you only know and feel what true love is, and that you ultimately cannot live without each other. Much strength!… .Ps… why is he looking for another woman now?… Sorry I read it wrong. He was already in a relationship I read now ?? … .. Well … then the time will have to show which choice he makes .. remember, this love is very deep … what he has with you. Unconditional love but making a choice is / will always be difficult because you always hurt people who stay behind. (Unknown)