P0877. Wonder


With so much self-knowledge
To stop
embracing love
That your heart is too cold
That no man
can heat anymore
You moved me
Touched me
In the freezing cold
In you
Recognition and recognition
Feeling safe
Without thinking
What will he mean
You movements so familiar
Your words recognizable
Nothing that stuffs me
How nice to feel this
Without thinking
You don’t leave me cold
My wall towering Unintentionally
my patterns have
killed me
Loneliness that I want to get rid of
It’s up to me
with this know you make me glad
I did not mind
not so intended
Thought disappointments
had chilled me
when that day I saw you
I had not expected more
I saw the love in a man
while I decided
I no longer think I can
Return to a decision
Looking in your eyes
I feel warmth
This story is not over yet