Q0648. Confusion?

L. Because there are few people on this site who dare to be open and honest in their identity, this creates a huge confusion for many. I’ve been L. (Lilly) all this time. I have to admit: in the beginning I did not give up my name a few times, because I was either ashamed of the fact that I suddenly posted … Read More

Q0647. Who knows films about soul love?

Unknown Who knows movies about Soul Love? I have already seen Tristan and Isolde, very beautiful. In my opinion, Titanic is also a film about soul love. Who knows more titles, sometimes I feel like hiding a night away from the tube. EditorsSee on the “More” page many links to trailers of soulmate films. Answer 1‘the notebook’ is beautiful, ‘what dreams may come’ or enjoy … Read More

Q0646. Who can help me?

Sylvia in 2009 I met a buddy … and then I thought … it is a soulmate … by the time I am a Christian, I have found out that I cannot and will not do this. I have broken … but continuously … my orgasms fall … that I want to stop … which does not work … very annoying … Read More

Q0645. Let go in the last life?

Unknown If you are in the last life and your twinflame is there, but not in your life, can you then let go completely? The one says yes, for example if the twin is in a different process and also in a different relationship? I read a lot on the internet, and that is not a wishful thinking but an honest, sincere … Read More

Q0644. Feelings twinflame and other partners?

Unknown My experience as a woman is: the feelings of a man are many times stronger for a woman if that woman doesn’t show anything. Herein a twinflame man is no different from another man. Agree? NB: I think this also applies to gay and lesbian. Answer 1Indeed, a man’s feelings are stronger if the woman does not want to contact him. This applies … Read More

Q0643. Bonding fear?

Unknown Soul lovers here talk about their fear of attachment a few times; how it blocks them. and how you should not put pressure on them. must leave. fear of binding is quite complicated. often comes from difficult childhoods, making trust in love difficult. and with soul love you finally find love that was never there; you have to let go immediately, work through all your shit … Read More

Q0642. Surrender to how it goes?

Unknown So often things are written that I hope they are for me, but also messages that I hope they do not hit me .. flung back and forth in feelings and I’m fed up with it .. this takes me too much energy and like last someone wrote; I want to remain in control of my own life. my twin knows … Read More

Q0641. Soul love and pregnancy?

Unknown Who has ever heard of soul loved ones who have been pregnant? with good / bad outcome? who ever dreamed about it. Answer 1My own experience about a child of twinflame: see question 009. See also question 337. (Unknown) Answer 2Thank you for the answers; I do not understand that so often goes wrong between soul lovers; is the ultimate way to pass on that … Read More

Q0640. Burning love?

M. What I often wonder is whether such a burning love and such heartbreaking sorrow can also come from one side? How do you know for sure whether it is your soulmate, soulmate or twin? The only thing I know for sure is that I am sick with sadness most of the time. Not because I don’t want to let go or because … Read More

Q0639. Assignment?

Unknown It has been written about many times; what kind of assignment you have with each other. I thought it was very simple for us to redo something that had gone wrong. msschm was that an ego wish … from me. I wanted to have the strength to be able to do that, no matter how difficult; together; that would be satisfactory for both. now I … Read More